Idylls: No Virility

Intense and noisy as expected, No Virility is the opening track off the upcoming album by Idylls, The Barn, which will be out via Holy Roar Records and Black Wire Records on September 29th.

Once more bringing together an unusual blend of mathcore, post-punk, noise rock, as well as straight up punk rock and decorating it with edgy vocals and offbeat choices like the delightfully eccentric saxophone parts, the Australian band wear their extremity with pride, as they seem ready to unleash another beast of an album, a worthy successor to 2014's Prayer For Terrene.

Singer and saxophonist, Billie Stimpson, describes No Virility as "a petulant and flat refusal to read and understand a life through the lens of sexuality or romance. A rhythmic acclamation of failure and grey ace anthem."

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