Even As We Speak: Clouds

Even As We Speak began as a quirky, super indie pop band back in their hometown of Sydney, Australia back in the mid-eighties, and by the early nineties they had already put out a series of releases on independent labels such as Phantom Records, until their big break which came when they were caught in the attention of John Peel.

Between 1992 and 1993, EAWS recorded three sessions for John Peel and one session for Mark Goodier at BBC Radio 1, and released four singles and one album on the legendary Sarah Records, and naturally they became a small but integral part of the UK indie scene.

The 2013 documentary My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records and the 2015 book PopKiss: The Life and Afterlife of Sarah Records, as well as NME's pick of the label as the #2 greatest indie label of all time, in a way rejuvenated the audience's interest, and EAWS were soon up on their feet again playing live and planning new releases.

The Black Forest will be the first release of new material by Even As We Speak since 1993, and it is a five-song EP, as eager and lively as the band's distinguished 25 year old material. It's due out September 11th via Emotional Response Records, and it will be followed by a limited edition CD of Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions, an album containing all sessions recorded for John Peel between 1992 and 1993.

Clouds, a simple and alluring, sweet pop piece off the upcoming EP, reveals a firm and competent band which hasn't lost any of the charm that earned them the distinction they received the first time around.



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