Nick Nicely: Ghostream

The story of Nick Nicely has been an intriguing and charming one, at least for those very few who are aware of it.

After a couple of acclaimed singles in the early eighties things were looking rosy for Nick, who was signed to EMI, had Trevor Horn on board and had built much hype around his act, yet, everything fell apart and Nick quit the music business and walked away. Many years later his reputation gained momentum again and the respect of reputable artists such as Ariel Pink, so the word was spread, and Nick Nicely got to release a couple of cassette albums and work with UNKLE and Amorphous Androgynous.

Space Of A Second, his proper LP, was released in 2014 by Lo Recordings to great reviews that praised its eccentricity and inventiveness. It is now followed by Nick Nicely's new album, Sleep Safari on Tapete Records, the first single off which is Ghostdream. On it nicely partners with someone named Mr Boars, an individual who was rumored to be "briefly a blink-and-you'll-miss-it part of Nick's Unlived Lives band", but the real identity of which seems untraceable.

A wonderful blend of hazy dreampop and blissful psychedelic electronica streams below, paired with a music video that's not easy to look away from. Like a ghostly presence within the realm of underground pop, Nicely continues his surreptitious legacy, sounding bold and keeping the genius tight, 35 years after his initial appearance.

Stay alert for the album which will be out in September.

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