Adam West RIP

Before even the start of their career on late night television, writers Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel wrote a pilot episode for a show titled Lookwell, about a washed-up TV action hero who at the peak of his career was deputized by local law enforcement, and is under the false impression that he can solve actual crimes in real life. The starring role was played by the great Adam West, while Todd Field played his student Jason who eventually became his sidekick. The pilot aired on NBC in July 1991, but the series was not picked up, and the episode over the years gained a cult classic status among comedy buffs.

Adam West was an incredible actor and comedic presence. He was TV's most beloved Batman, a role to which he returned a few times for specials (see below) and cartoons, but apart from the movie version of his series in 1966, he did not reprise the part on film.

It is now common strategy for comic book films and series to bring back older actors who used to have the starring superhero roles in their prime and use them on different parts (Supergirl, The Flash), but Adam West was one of the first to do it when he starred as Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father in Tim Burton's 1989 film, Batman.

Adam West died of leukemia at age 88.

Watch the brilliant Lookwell below, followed by more Adam West-related goodness.


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