Watterson: Feel Good Forever

Take any derivative or compound word you can think of, that uses the term "gaze", and you'll be describing Watterson's music to the point. There's shoegaze, dreamgaze, blackgaze, doomgaze and every other label we've invented to describe those sub-parts of alternative music that are usually downcast, dreamlike, heavy in emotion, nostalgic and conceal lots more of different layers of sounds and feelings underneath their typical features.

Without being not even slightly complex, Watterson covers the entire "gaze" game in all respects. Surely lo-fi and DIY should also be words weighed carefully in the description, and there you have it...

Watterson's first EP, Feel Good Forever, has been out on Bandcamp only for a few days, and according to Jed, the sole artist behind it all, it calls to fans of "Ryan Gosling movies, sad acid trips, and the endless of expanse of space."

Listen below...

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