D//E Playlist: Always Sad // Shoegazers Reunited

In many instances we have expressed our admiration and excitement about some of the veterans of the shoegaze subgenre, especially them returning with new material after many years of inactivity. Now that almost everyone's done the reunion thing, we compiled a little playlist which covers many of those bands through their most recent material.

In the cases of Dinosaur Jr. and Teenage Fanclub, we understand it does not count as a reunion, since those two never actually went away for long, still, we threw them in there for good measure.

Before anyone asks, m b v is not on Spotify, probably because it's just too cool for it (NB: that's not the reason).

01. Swervedriver - Autodidact
02. Ride - Home Is A Feeling
03. Slowdive - Sugar for the Pill
04. Lush - Out of Control
05. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Always Sad
06. Dinosaur Jr. - Goin Down
07. Medicine - Turning
08. The Veldt - Slow Grind
09. The Telescopes - Absence
10. Mazzy Star - I'm Less Here
11. Flying Saucer Attack - Instrumental 4
12. Teenage Fanclub - I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive

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