The Foreign Resort: She Is Lost

The Foreign Resort is a post punk trio from Denmark, expected to be releasing their next album later in 2017. Their new single, She Is Lost, reveals the band's current more minimalistic approach, with plenty of electronics and nods to their acclaimed 2014 album, New Frontiers.

Lead singer Mikkel B. Jakobsen considers She Is Lost a very personal song: "It was one of the worst summers in my life. I came out strong on the other side, but this song was written partly when things were looking very bad and I was not doing the right things to get to a better place and partly when I had realized it was not just me who was the problem. Hence the title She Is Lost."

The Foreign Resort have shared the stage with bands like The Raveonettes, A Place To Bury Strangers, Swervedriver, DIIV, The Soft Moon, The KVB, Slowdive, Minor Victories and Cold Cave.

With each release the band has earned more appreciation by fans and critics alike, and like She Is Lost suggests, their anticipated next album will be another addition to their impressive winning streak.

Listen below...

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