Marathon: Dead Of Night

Marathon is an indie rock band from Lebanon, PA and Brooklyn, NY, started by Zach Wagner and his brother Erich in 2013. Their sound can be described with two different terms which are proven to be quite fine parallels to one another: progressive rock and dreampop. Simply put, Marathon's rich textures and dreamlike haziness sound skillfully delivered through each of the five-piece's members obviously present technical abilities.

Chrome Waves is the band's sophomore album, a brisk, and like its cover suggests, colorful collection of songs which this time leans towards a more simply structured, more pop-driven sound, but without losing neither the band's ambitious but accessible complexity nor their warmth and the obscurity that define the dreamy part of their enchanting style.

Dead Of Night, the opening track on Chrome Waves, sets the tone just right about the album's overall feel. It's well structured by all means, it has finesse, and it goes back and forth between sounding like a plain pop song or a grand prog rock piece.

Listen below...

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