Drang: Rip It Up

Drang is a noise pop duo from South London, formed in 2016 and comprised of Dee Drang and K Drang, who describe their act as "if The Sweet encountered Throbbing Gristle very quickly in a bedroom." We'd add that notions of The Cramps and The Shangri-Las should be calculated into the equation too, and there you have it...

When asked what their band is all about, the duo replied much more consciously: "Drang is the result of months of experimenting at home with cheap recording equipment, vintage guitars and drum machines. We started with the intention of making the kind of music we wanted to hear and hoped to make something that sounds like it has always existed. We love pop music, girl groups, noise and punk but overall what we want to communicate is emotion- for us the urge to create and connect overrides everything else."


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