Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus: Mirror

Mirror was the second album by British neofolk/experimental act Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, originally released in 1991.

Although it is considered a cult classic among fans of the band and the genre, the album was only released on cassette and CD back in the day, but now thanks to Occultation Recordings it will soon get the vinyl reissue treatment as well as a new CD edition which will include two bonus tracks.

The enigmatic band has European cinema written all over their act, since their name itself is inspired by Cet Obscur Objet Du Désir, the great Luis Buñuel's final film in which the Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus was the name of the fictional terrorist group. Mirror nods to the 1975 Andrei Tarkovsky film of the same name and the new edition's new artwork that features a painting by Liverpool artist and filmmaker Paul Mellor, depicts the opening frame of that film.

"Mirror was recorded against the backdrop of extraordinary events in Europe. Whilst politicians were physically remapping the continent, it felt like we were trying to remap the imaginative idea of Europe, Our work is always about exploration and a journey. We never set out with a destination and we are always uncertain about what we will encounter," states RAIJ member Jon Egan.

While the band is currently working on two new projects, take a minute to visit one of the band's career highlights through its wonderful reissue which will be out April 14th.

Listen below...

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