Obelyskkh: The Providence

The new, fourth album by German masters of heaviness, Obelyskkh, is ready and about to be released on Exile On Mainstream. The album is titled The Providence and it comes out April 21st.

The Providence was recorded and mixed by Andy Naucke and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Tragedy, High On Fire, From Ashes Rise, Integrity) and its enigmatic title was inspired by one of the most iconic poems by HP Lovecraft.

Leaning towards a more groovy sound than its more psychedelic predecessors, upon the first few listens the new Obelyskkh appears to be one of the heaviest records of 2017 so far. Bringing together the more traditional stoner rock and doom qualities of their sound with post metal weight and lyrical content that reflects upon dark themes, The Providence echoes powerful, mystifying and massive, whether it is through its tough vocals that bring to mind the lethargic solidity of Sleep or through the more emotional darkness of post metal/sludge giants like Neurosis and Old Man Gloom.

All we got to show for now is the tantalizing album teaser, but stay tuned for more of this in the near future.

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