Los Tones: What Happened

Aussie four-piece, Los Tones have just dropped their second album, What Happened, which follows their breakthrough three year old debut, Psychotropic, and stands out not only by emulating to perfection the underground garage rock sound of the sixties, but also for being an ideal representative of the genre at a time when the overall majority of music sounds super polished and few dare to rough up their sound. From where we're sitting, even fewer do it successfully.

If you listen to Los Tones' raw energy and terrific dirty sound without knowledge of the nitty-gritty, you'll be immediately thinking of the sixties' garage rock and proto-punk that defined many generations, acts like The Music Machine, The Shadows Of Knight, The Standells, and you'll be following a train of thought which would make that list almost endless.

The title track of What Happened provides a good example of what Los Tones and their new LP are all about, how good they are as descendants of the garage rock legacy, and why this genre will never fade away.

Turn it up and listen below...


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