Light Entertainment: Tableaux

Light Entertainment is a four-piece alternative rock band from Sydney, Australia, comprised of James Dunlop (guitars, vocals, synths, pianos, drum programming), Henry Mewing (drums, percussion), Dan Kuzmiuk (bass) and Jack Cordukes (saxophone). The group formed in 2016 and they plan on releasing their debut full length, Strangle Risky // Fall Good later this year.

Tableaux, the first single off the upcoming LP, is an adventurous track which channels a good deal of those whom the band cite among their main influences: Can, Faust, Charles Mingus, Bowie, Barry Adamson and Roxy Music.

Grounded on the audacious boldness of krautrock and zigzagging between jazz, indie and post rock, Tableaux makes loud and clear that it is going to be a hard task to categorize Light Entertainment within the ranks of a singular genre, except maybe the one they're inventing themselves by the term "apocalyptic lounge."

Listen below...

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