D//E Playlist: Destroying Existence Vol.4

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  • 22.4.17

In quick succession after the previous volume, Destroying Existence Vol.4 is another batch of some of the finest tracks by DIY underground and upcoming acts that were submitted to D//E. For this one we've had the chance to dig as far as six months back, and we feel that the result was worth the backbreaking.

As usual expect some first-class cuts from a wide range of those genres we love, like shoegaze, dreampop, lo-fi, post-rock and whatnot...


01. Kindatheart - Perception
02. Family Friends - New
03. Diary - I Die
04. Bad Flamingo - Valley Of Fire
05. Yassassin - Pretty Face
06. Josh O' Hara - Glitter
07. Half Moon - Brush It Off
08. Colour Of Spring - Echoes
09. War Nurse - Hounds
10. RHEYA - Franchise
11. The Faded North - Worm
12. Principe Valiente - Strangers In The Night
13. Dead Leaf Echo - I Will Do (Anything)
14. Soft Lashes - Lancer
15. Acid Smoker - Does She Need Me?
16. LLOLLYANNA - Dover Sphinx (I Bet I'm Alright)
17. Shockofdaylight - Zagadka
18. Flyinglow - Clockwork
19. Vampire Step Dad - The First Date
20. December Hung Himself - Swift-Tuttle

D//E accepts submissions via Submithub


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