D//E Playlist: Destroying Existence Vol.4

In quick succession after the previous volume, Destroying Existence Vol.4 is another batch of some of the finest tracks by DIY underground and upcoming acts that were submitted to D//E. For this one we've had the chance to dig as far as six months back, and we feel that the result was worth the backbreaking.

As usual expect some first-class cuts from a wide range of those genres we love, like shoegaze, dreampop, lo-fi, post-rock and whatnot...


01. Kindatheart - Perception
02. Family Friends - New
03. Diary - I Die
04. Bad Flamingo - Valley Of Fire
05. Yassassin - Pretty Face
06. Josh O' Hara - Glitter
07. Half Moon - Brush It Off
08. Colour Of Spring - Echoes
09. War Nurse - Hounds
10. RHEYA - Franchise
11. The Faded North - Worm
12. Principe Valiente - Strangers In The Night
13. Dead Leaf Echo - I Will Do (Anything)
14. Soft Lashes - Lancer
15. Acid Smoker - Does She Need Me?
16. LLOLLYANNA - Dover Sphinx (I Bet I'm Alright)
17. Shockofdaylight - Zagadka
18. Flyinglow - Clockwork
19. Vampire Step Dad - The First Date
20. December Hung Himself - Swift-Tuttle

D//E accepts submissions via Submithub

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