Water From Your Eyes: Cold Stare

Water From Your Eyes is comprised of Chicago's Nate Amos and New York's Rachel Brown, who have been working long distance to be able to actualize their creative vision for the duo.

"The concepts and methods are always evolving with the idea that the songs are like watermarks so that people see what they want to see in them," Nate explains and Rachel adds, "Stay cool. Dance. Be sad. Fight the system. Listen to You Get What You Give by The New Radicals as often as you can."

Water From Your Eyes' Cold Stare is the latest installment in the UK label's RIP Records​ Introduces​ Series which showcases a new upcoming undiscovered talent each month throughout that will be accompanied by a 12-inch compilation at the end of the year. 

"Cold Stare is a song about wanting to belong to something that you have been ostracized because of who you are. I think a key lyric would be "you say i'm unpredictable but you don’t trust me to be / i say i'm anything that makes me seem more like what you are" because it really sums up the conflict between the two," Rachel describes.

The band's upcoming album Long Days No Dreams will be released on April 14th via Sooper Records.

Listen below.

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