Autisti: Peaches For Planes

Autisti is a Swiss alternative rock supergroup, comprised of the talents of lo-fi rock musicians Louis Jucker and Emilie Zoé. You may have previously heard Louis' work as a member of the Berlin progressive metal band, The Ocean, his lo-fi folk solo records, his noise hardcore band, Coilguns, or the Red Kunz project he did with two members of Red Fang.

After working together for the first time on Emilie Zoé's album, Dead End Tape, Emilie and Louis put together Autisti, which is also part of Louis' epic monumental opus L'Altro Mondo, a project that involves five collaborations on five records, which will be available at the CzarShop and Hummus Records soon.

Strongly reminiscent of the alternative noise rock we loved in the nineties and bands like Guided By Voices, Pixies and Dinosaur Jr., Autisti's massive sound, combined with Emilie's delicate vocals and the hypnotic repetitious riffs, echo as grand as the combined talent of its members.

Listen below.


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