The Bug Vs Earth: Don’t Walk These Streets

As the release date of Concrete Desert, the upcoming collaboration between Earth's Dylan Carlson and Kevin Martin AKA The Bug, approaches, the artists have shared another track from the album which is due out on March 24th via Ninja Tune.

Kevin Martin says that the song, Don’t Walk These Streets, "was really written as a reaction to feeling absolutely alienated and set adrift in the surreal manifestation of the American Dream that is L.A. It’s a smacked out jazz, fuzzed up trip, into a social void, that i wrote after realizing there is zero safety net in the States for anyone that falls off the gravy train. And as a pedestrian walking a lot around the city, in my stay during the recording of Concrete Desert, I attempted to conjure the feeling of sheer dread that i felt wandering across the Hollyweird landscape."

Carlson adds, "well, its something Kevin really noticed about LA and I confirmed it for him. You're viewed as crazy if you walk anywhere in LA (more than a block or 2) or use mass transit - even though when I lived in LA 97-00, I did both regularly. In this track, the guitar is definitely the most abstracted from traditional guitar sounds, which I quite like."

Listen below...


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