Dusty Tucker: The North Stone

Since late 2009 when Dusty Tucker came to be, the band has released a couple of EPs and grew its fanbase mostly though the brightness of their live shows. They have shared the stage with Cancer Bats, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster and Norma Jean among others and after almost seven years into the band's existence, in 2016 they released their debut full length, The North Stone.

Built predominantly on heavy rock, country and the blues, Dusty Tucker throughout their bold debut do not hesitate to bring in the more eccentric elements of their craft, like the almost theatrical and storytelling spoken word narration, the progressive rock approach which lingers through the entire album, or simpler things like the sporadic hip-hop beats, some pop punk posture and the nonpareil balls-to-the-wall attitude and aggression of classic rock 'n' roll.

Once you realize that The North Stone is not just a set of songs, but also a concept album, the engagement between it and the listener becomes even more interesting and fascinating, furthermore arresting, since the more you listen to it the more you find yourself absorbed in its narrative.

Primarily for its attractive riffs and overall groove, but also for the wit and creativeness that come with it as a concept record, Dusty Tucker's debut is a heavy and much interesting listen that could appeal to fans of both traditional rock traits and more alternative styles.

Play it below...

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