Goon: Cammie At Night

Grounded on the subject of severe importance that is sexuality repressed by religion and its deep lasting affect on people, the new single by L.A.'s alt-rockers, Goon, titled Cammie At Night, uncovers a remindful of the rocking nineties, yet fresh sounding band which is about to leave its mark on SXSW.

Singer-songwriter Kenny Becker says about the new song: "I wrote this song as an expression of sexuality through a sort of pure-human carnal lens. Specifically, sexuality repressed by Christianity and the deep desire to break out of that repression. I don't mean to say this is true of all Christians, but my personal experience of having my sexuality dictated to me by church leaders definitely did more harm than good. Entirely un-restrained sexual urges obviously aren't healthy either, but this song is just a meditation on the fact that my deepest human desire was so quickly locked up and considered something to be ashamed of, at such a formative age. There was just too much shame. And I was so curious for a very long time. Turns out, the stigma and shame still linger."

Cammie At Night will be included in Goon's debut album, expected later this year and it is already available on all digital platforms. Listen below.


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