Carpenter Brut: Night Stalker

After a successful Indiegogo campaign, Rise Of The Synths, the documentary film that explores the ever-expanding synthwave scene has gone into production. The film will feature interviews with some of the genre's top class acts like Power Glove, Lazerhawk and Mitch Murder, along with ones with those visionaries that contributed to its inception and shaping, composers like Giorgio Moroder, John Carpenter, Brad Fiedl, Tangerine Dream and Goblin.

Of course there will be a companion album to the film and it will be released on April 7th via the always reliable Lakeshore Records which keeps delivering on the soundtrack division.

A brand new track by Carpenter Brut is the first sample we get to hear in connection to this exciting project. Night Stalker, a dark, hypnotic number which sounds nothing less than a CB classic. The track streams below through Lakeshore's Bandcamp and will be available through iTunes on March 24th.

The companion album will also feature music by Waveshaper, Robert Parker, Dance With the Dead, Code Elektro, OGRE, and Voyag3r.

Listen below...


Revisit our interview with Carpenter Brut from two years ago

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