Former Worlds: Photos of Eve IX-XVI

Formed in Minneapolis in 2015 by J.J. Anselmi (In the Company of Serpents), Mike Britson (Earthrise) and Boone Julius (Maeth and Grogus), sci-fi sludge band, Former Worlds, became completed with its current four-piece lineup when Erin Severson joined on vocals last year.

The band has made a name for themselves within the Minneapolis underground circle, having played alongside Wreck & Reference, Psalm Zero, Anybody But the Cops and more from the local scene. They have just released Photos of Eve IX-XVI, an one-song EP which works like a preview for their still in the writing process upcoming full length.

Photos of Eve IX-XVI is a 17-minute epic sludge gem made up of hair raising vocals and hypnotic doom vastness. Its perfectly executed and produced dark heaviness makes it one of the genre's most noteworthy releases of the year so far, which we hope it won't go overlooked in the long run.

The EP is out on a limited run of 200 CDs whose art and letterpress cover were designed by the band's own Erin Severson.

Listen below...


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