Élan Vital: Dreams

Élan Vital come from a location known for its Victorian and Edwardian architecture, Dunedin, New Zealand, a Gothic place whose surroundings seem that have had quite an influence on the trio's impressive style of cold wave and synthpop music. Its members, Renee Barrance (keyboards, vocals), Danny Brady (synths, drum machines, effects, vocals) and Nikolai Sim (bass) met and formed the band at the None Gallery, a local artist-run creative community situated at a former pharmaceutical factory near The Exchange, Dunedin's heart and center.

Shadow Self, the band's debut album has already sprung a couple of singles and it will be out on March 24th by New Zealand's Fleshrider Records.

The stirring synth lines of Dreams, blended with the cold male and female machine-like vocals and its pulsating beat work like a fine preview of what you should expect from the upcoming full length.

Listen below...

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