Planning For Burial: Below The House

Human dynamo Thom Wasluck, operating as the one-man DIY gloom-shoegaze project, Planning For Burial, is following his brilliant 2014 LP, Desideratum, with a brand new record titled Below The House which drops on March 10th, once again on The Flenser.

Mixing together shoegaze, drone, slowcore, doom and black metal, on his third full length the now Pennsylvania-based musician returns to the self-conscious ways of Leaving, his humble and much personal debut album from 2010, just like he returned to his childhood home, family trade and bedroom after spending the last decade living in New Jersey. The routine he got himself back in as well as the remembrances of the place he rebounded to became the foundation for Below The House, a dark and stinging cold 9-track album which includes some of the sharpest material PFB has produced so far.

Emerging as one of our early favorites of the year so far, Below The House can be sampled through the two tracks that stream below: Somewhere In The Evening and Whiskey And Wine, both slow burning and unbearably heavy.

Listen closely...


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