Jaye Jayle: Unnecessarily

Formed in Louisville, KY, Jaye Jayle is the moniker behind Young Widows’ Evan Patterson whose dark, southern desert blues rock fueled debut, House Cricks and Other Excuses to Get Out, came out through Sargent House to much acclaim in the late days of 2016 and although it managed to cause some stir and enter some best of the year lists (not ours though - wrongfully), still it feels like this project deserves a bigger part of the audience.

Now Jaye Jayle is about to follow that wonderful release with a split alongside Emma Ruth Rundle, a song of which by ERR had already been shared a little while ago. Unnecessarily is the first track by Jaye Jayle to surface off the EP that carries the title, The Time Between Us.

Not easy to pigeonhole, like his first album, Jaye Jayle's three-song contribution in the release includes elements of the blues, Southern rock and Americana, but not in the purest form those styles have ever seen, as those come out sort of bastardized by the artist's punk attitude, his inclinations towards experimentation and his productions' rich transcendental sound that leans very much towards krautrock.

Figure it out below...

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