Wichswut: Wichswut EP

Equating their music with the feeling of spending a cold winter night in Berlin, Wichswut emerge out of the great city's gloom and bleakness with their ultra dynamic post punk sound that strikes as if it belongs in 1978.

Wichswut's debut EP is comprised of five brilliant, highly energetic and dark as hell post-punk tracks, in some measure sounding like they could have been prominent components of the eighties gothic rock scene while another facet of it, more minimal in sound, cold-blooded, cruel-hearted and distant, appears like it derives from the most psyched up, psychotic remnants of krautrock's ingenuity.

The four-piece calls the EP as "the stark consequence of too many dark nights out in the dives and holes of a city that never sleeps, where anger and joy are too close for comfort and the music is always too loud."

Made up of razor sharp guitars, addictive bass lines, manic drum beats, aloof vocals and synths, Wichswut's style and sound may not be groundbreaking or innovating, yet it's stands out as one of the most impressive the genre has seen lately and as it wakes up memories of those records us dreary loners and unsociable vampires have spent lots of hours with in the past, the EP attracts our attention as one of 2017's earliest highlights.

Wichswut's self-titled EP drops on February 17th on a label whose name we couldn't agree more with, Music's Not For Everyone Records.

Listen to opening track, Sinner, right below...

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