Uniform: The Killing Of America

Michael Berdan (ex-Drunkdriver, York Factory Complaint) and guitarist/producer Ben Greenberg (ex-The Men, Hubble) AKA Uniform earned a well deserved spot on our favourite EPs of last year list. It seems now that that wonderful release by the industrial duo was just the beginning.

On January 20th Uniform are about to release their debut full length album, Wake In Fright, via Sacred Bones. The Killing Of America is one of a couple of tracks that has surfaced off it.

According to Ben Greenberg, "We are surrounded by war and the whole world is burning and it doesn't seem like there are any appropriate reactions or responses left anymore. This music is our response to and our reflection of the overwhelming violence, chaos, hate, and destruction that confronts us and everyone else in the world every day of our lives. When we play, I don't feel powerless anymore. I hope this record can help others transcend their anger and frustration."

Listen below...

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