The Howling Lords: The Howling Lords

The Howling Lords may have come into existence just a little over a year ago, but the short time frame hasn't stopped them from putting together one of the most impressive fuzzed up blues rock albums that we've heard in a long while.

Their self-titled debut album has just been out, it is comprised of eleven gritty blues tracks which definitely scream more Nashville, Tennessee than Western Isles, UK - the place the loud two-piece calls home, and it was produced by Pete Fletcher who has worked with acts such as Kagoule, Childhood and Soulsavers.

The closest, off-the-top-of-head comparison to The Howling Lords one can come up with, is that to the lo-fi blues rock of The Black Keys from their early days in the 2000s, with the garage hints and the psychedelic elements infused into the guttiness of the blues, still The Howling Lords' version of the genre jumps out as closer to a more traditional kind, apropos of both the songwriting style and the square-shooting execution. Electric, rough and greasy through the whole of its duration, The Howling Lords' debut sets the duo off on the right foot and comes highly recommended.

Listen to The Howling Lords' debut album in its entirety right below... The band will be touring in support of it through February.

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