Scratches: The Crow And The Sheep

Basel-based four-piece, Scratches will release their upcoming album, Before Beyond, on February 10th internationally and January 26th in their home country, Switzerland.

The Crow And The Sheep is a fine sample we get to listen off the new album and it comes in the form of an enchanting music video, about which the band states: "The song is an apocalyptic end-time story as a statement about today's situation in the world. Since evil does not come from outside, but is fermenting in ourselves, this is a song about the evil in us. The crow as a placeholder of the dark bird within us. It is man's addiction to lose himself in intoxication, to dissolve in himself. People do when they consume religious gurus, consume drugs, suddenly feel power. Violence can cause stunning conditions. It is the human's search for inebriation, for dissolution. Thus the filmmakers do not depend on the metaphorical end-time history of crows and sheep, but bring back the metaphorical language into our western consumerism, in which we seek intoxication and ecstasy, the extinction of the conscious."

Watch below...

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