Fragrance.: Collapse

Drawing most of his influences from the darker aspects of electronic music, Parisian artist Matthieu Roche has released his debut EP as Fragrance., the synthpop project of his that digs deep into the eighties new wave synthpop sounds and tastes, with a dreamier twist.

Dust & Disorders EP is a magnificent compound of vivid synthpop, shadowy darkwave and melancholic dreampop accents, that gives off impressions of constant motion, detachment and bewilderment.

Lust For Lights, which we included on the first volume of our Destroying Existence playlists, was our first introduction to the artist, a dim track which leans more towards the shadiness of darkwave. Collapse, while still dark, it sounds colder and more distant, and it brands what sounds to be the EP's most seclusive moment.

Everything on the release is composed, written and mixed by Matthieu Roche and mastered by Hélène de Thour (Hante. and Minuit Machine).

Listen to Fragrance.'s lastest single, Collapse, right below and follow the links to some great looking lyric videos off the EP...

Lust For Lights lyric video
Postcards lyric video
Collapse lyric video


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