Ryan Adams: Karma Police

We love it when Ryan Adams is covering stuff and fortunately, he does quite often, from the spontaneous Bryan Adams classics to entire albums in full-on Taylor Swift mode.

His latest cover deed is from last weekend when he visited BBC 2 Radio for an interview with Jo Wiley which he followed with an acoustic rendition of his latest single, Doomsday, out of the pretty great Prisoner album and a surprising bonus performance of Radiohead's Karma Police.

Adams justified his choosing of this certain song by stating the following during the interview: "I don’t know if I’ve learned it in a great new and interesting way but I also thought it’s fitting, because there’s a pretty awful person who just got elected in the United States. So I don’t know why, but that song popped into my head this morning."

Proof that you can never go wrong with Ryan Adams and his covers comes via the player below...


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