Furniteur: Brat

Imagine the oddest mixture between Blondie and The Experimental Pop Band, add in a hint of Ladytron, a little from the French electro scene and some charisma from the 2000's DFA, and you might get an idea about the vibrant sound of Washington's Furniteur, AKA vocalist and visual artist Brittany Sims and her partners, former Brett members Mike Toohey and Kevin Bayly.

Furniteur as a band is about to release their debut LP, Perfect Lavender which will follow Brittanny's 2014 solo effort under the same moniker with Furniteur EP.

Brat is the second single off the new album, a disco track that sounds retro and modern at the same time and which streams, preferably loudly while sipping on a Cosmopolitan, right below.

F U R N I T E U R . C O M

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