Lucy In Disguise: 004

California's Steven Romeo AKA Lucy In Disguise is following his six-month old debut full length, Endless Echoes, with a new EP, simply titled 004 which was released today on the producer's own Innerworks Records.

LID picks things up from where he left them off and introduces a six-pack of upbeat, yet somber and more down-to-earth nostalgic synthwave vibes, at least compared to the extravagance we are used to from most releases lately in this genre. There are no story arcs in the LID realm, no flamboyant villains, no dystopian societies and no one's trying to heroically save anybody from something extraordinary. It's still imaginative, still as exciting as the releases which possess all the aforesaid elements, but more low-key, leaving the listener enough space for interpretation under their own perception.

From the straightforward song titles to the calmness portrayed in the cover art, 004 feels like the most serene synthwave release we've experienced all year and it comes highly recommended.

The EP was mixed and mastered by fellow synthwave producer, Tonebox, who's also responsible for the fitting cover art. 

Listen below...


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