Lambchop: FLOTUS

Flotus is basically an abbreviation for "For Love Often Turns Us Still" and it's possibly the strangest album in the twenty plus career of Kurt Wagner's Lambchop anonym, since it's the most playful, the most electronica-infused and the most auto-tuned work he's released so far.

Despite the album's critical differences compared to the band's rest of body of work, Lambchop's identity is present and strong throughout the entirety of Flotus, but that's not big news since Wagner is no stranger neither to experimentation nor to bringing his odd influences into his sound and still managing to be one of the easiest recognizable acts in modern Americana. Lambchop's finest record, Nixon from back in 2000, was from head to toe immersed in sixties' soul, 2012's Mr.M was so close to gospel, 1997's Thriller was inspired by Michael Jackson and 2002's Is A Woman was until now the most bizarre album of theirs with its minimal instrumentation and compositions.

Although Lambchop have never released anything below par in these three decades of productivity, Flotus, diverging from synthpop to downtempo electronica, sounds like their most surprising and most notable album since their commercial peak in the early 2000s.

Listen to the entire album below and watch the video for NIV, directed by Elise Tyler.

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