Diamond Incarnation: In A Loss Of Soul

Diamond Incarnation is the one-man project of Austrian musician Daniele Bovio, now based in Taipei, Taiwan. His music, although it's not that easy to categorize at once, one can say it leans more towards the psychedelic aspect of dreampop with shoegaze elements. On this latest offering of his, Menglongshi (朦朧詩) EP, the psychedelic factor sounds even more strengthened due to the use of some traditional Chinese instruments that the artist used for the first time on an official release.

This unorthodox pairing of reverb with Chinese tradition gets even more interesting, enhanced by Daniele's obscure lyrical poetry, inspired by nature, autumn and winter. The EP's opening track, In A Loss Of Soul, is accompanied by a nice looking video, full of beautiful landscapes that captures perfectly the music's mood and theme.

Watch and listen below.

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