Xetrovoid: The Fugitive

Under his real name Jose Mora-Jimenez has been working as a composer, writing concert music for over a decade. Under his Music Vortex moniker he's been writing music for games, films and other media. For a couple of years now that very same person has stormed his way into the synthwave scene under the name Xetrovoid and has put together a batch of excellent releases, the last of which is the very much spirited, The Fugitive.

Xetrovoid got himself into the synthwave realm through a video game, the still under development but quite impressive cyberpunk puzzle platformer, Interference, for which he provided the score. As a fan of thrash metal, Xetrovoid reached further into the darker aspects of the genre and aimed for a place among the genre's heavier side, close to acts like Carpenter Brut and Perturbator.

Although entirely instrumental, The Fugitive is build upon a strong narrative, the one of a fugitive cyborg, who exiled from his army of equals after they've killed his family, is now living as an outcast in a world of underground clubs and dark streets, waiting for the right time to get his revenge. Xetrovoid illustrates the dark surroundings his protagonist dwells in through four imaginative tracks, often changing pace, but constantly lingering around the same dark themes of struggle, survival and revenge. His metal influences as well as his previous video game scoring experience never cease to affirm their presence throughout the EP, demonstrating his excellent composing skills and future potential as one of the genre's finest. Continuing to build upon the dystopian world Xetrovoid's previous released created, The Fugitive, is easily one of 2016's most essential synthwave offerings that raises our hopes quite high regarding what he has to present next.

Listen below...

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