Wy: Hate To Fall Asleep

Malmö, Sweden's Wy, is a dreampop duo comprised of Ebba and Michel whose debut EP, Never Was, is out on the swell Swedish label, Hybris, and it's an impressive one from the very first listen.

Wy's dreamy sound is made of sad shoegazing guitars, domineering synths, throbbing beats and first-rate vocals that can't help but bring to mind the superiority of bands like The Cocteau Twins and the spirit of 4AD in the eighties. 

Wy sound proud to be sad and the heavyheartedness flows plenty and naturally off their ethereal 5-track record, in the melancholy of which is impossible to find any flaws, from it's perfectly executed production to the deep, poetic nature of their lyrics.

Hate To Fall Asleep, the EP's splendid opener is overflowing with anxiety and desperation in the most nostalgic way possible, and it will appropriately get you in the right mood for the duo's effusive warmth and bittersweet sound.

Listen below...

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