Visions In Clouds: Time / Winter

Visions In Clouds, frequently abbreviated as VIC, is a new wave/post-punk quartet from Lucerne, Switzerland, formed in 2015. The band just released their debut album, Masquerade, which was recorded and produced in Berlin, inspired by the despondent surrounding of the city's east side and its concrete, monochromatic existence, in an attempt to stand for the agony behind the everyday lives of this generation and its well concealed desperation.

Two of the highlight tracks on Masquerade are Time, a throbbing post-punk four-minute sparkler which wins you over immediately with its thrilling Cure-like guitar parts and heavy use of synths, and Winter, a quieter, more impulsive number which half way through transcends into an electric avalanche that may be stepping on the grounds of a post-rock outburst.

Listen both tracks below.

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