No Middle Name: Television Soul / Fading Photo

Coming from the ranks of London based indie band, The Title Sequence, David Bailey's new project, simply called No Middle Name, has graced the blurry world of shoegaze music with a a couple of new contributions from his upcoming album, Fondness, the latest of which is Television Soul, a fantastic shoegaze-y psych pop-rocker that's also accompanied by music video, a self made video collage where David interacts with footage from old VHS tapes.

Television Soul follows the previously shared Fading Photo which also comes with a great looking video that features footage from the films of Busby Berkely. Both tracks are part of the upcoming second No Middle Name LP which is set for release in January 2017.

In regards to the new album, Bailey says: "I wanted to make a record that my 15 year old self would love to bits. So it’s a love letter to all the music I grew up listening to really."

Watch and listen through the players below...

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