D//E Exclusive Premiere: Nam Wayne: Falling On The Waves

Believe it or not, Philadelphia's Nam Wayne has had his debut album in the making for almost twelve whole years, since 2005 when he began writing it, but its completion was always delayed due to a series of luckless factors such as equipment failures, an (actual) drummer's coma, those years' economic decline, the recent vinyl manufacturing bottleneck which has been frustrating for the entire music industry and the man's own crippling perfectionism.

The result might come out as sort of weird and ill-timed at first, since lyrically Nam's initial approach for his songs was based on the Bush administration, but on a closer look it's clear to see that his themes are once again relevant in the turbulent times we are going through today.

The song we are premiering today, Falling On The Waves, is about that moment when Nam and an old friend first realized that public phones were obsolete and despite its outdated subject, it sounds rough and nasty, yet produced to perfection in all its superior, timeless garage-rocking glory.

Nam Wayne's debut album finally drops on February 2017 and his band features Dave Arlington on bass, Tim Monaghan (Golem) on drums, Jamiel Cornelio and Spiff Wiegand on guitar.

Listen below...

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