M.A.D.E.S. x Knightbots: Awakening / The Hound

French producer, M.A.D.E.S., after gaining some useful experience in electronic music within the electro house and complextro subgenres, decided to embark upon the synthwave madness and its darker aspects with a track that paves the way for his upcoming 2017 LP.

M.A.D.E.S.' Awakening is being released by JST Records together with a track by Knightbots, the neophytes from Spain whose contribution turns out to be a fitting companion to the French artist's retro dark synth mood.

M.A.D.E.S.' first offering to the world right off the bat sounds like it conceals within its four minutes all the vintage glory of a synthwave classic, in a similar manner to the genre's current frontrunners, acts like Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Gost and our most recent favorite, Confrontational, however, the artist's originality sounds apparent through this flat out instrumental yet comprehensively storytelling composition.

Listen to both tracks right below...

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