Grave Pleasures: Funeral Party

If you remember Finnish death rockers, Beastmilk, and their sole album, Climax, and you were seriously bummed by the band's demise, you must already be aware of Grave Pleasures, the group's next incarnation which is still in flux due to members entering and exiting left and right. However, Grave Pleasures put out a full length last year which came out quite fine, yet it didn't receive the same amount of attention Climax enjoyed in 2013, but their kind of death rock and Mat McNerney's (AKA Kvohst) skills in composition and songwriting are much too strong to fade away so soon; after all he has already gathered a lifetime's worth of experience alongside Dødheimsgard, Code and of course his noble but kind of underrated work with Hexvessel.

Grave Pleasures are back with a fresh off the oven 7-inch, Funeral Party, featuring two songs reminiscent of the early eighties goth subculture and its darkly energetic club scene.

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