D//E Exclusive Premiere: Organised Scum: So Much Bottled Water

After having drawn some befitting support from media including the NME and comparisons to the finest in Britpop, like Pulp and Blur, as well as the preceded pop intellectuality of acts like XTC, Wire and Pavement, UK's Organised Scum are about to follow their double A-sided single, Insane Making Behaviour, with the release of their debut EP, Death to the Liberal Idea, on December 2nd.

On their new offering Organised Scum maintain most of those principles found in their previous release, the intelligent brattiness and the bright enthusiasm of a talented band on the rise, however, they seem to have kicked their artistry up a notch, demonstrating a wider range of skill and competence.

Singer and guitarist Tom Duggins had to say about Death to the Liberal Idea's recording process: "We've started to work in a slightly more unusual way. We've started taking our ideas to our friend and producer Ed Treacy in the first instance. We'll have all the parts of the song - the broad structure, the lyrics - ready, but we try not to lock things down too much. We want there to be room for a bit of studio experimentation, and with Ed, it's all about finding sounds, coming up with unusual parts, trying to improvise a bit while we record. Trying to surprise yourself as things develop. But we then go to John Martindale (Shields, Nimmo, The Pale White) to get extra input, and with him we’ll do overdubs and re-record certain parts; he just helps add a little bit of gloss to the final thing."

D//E has the exclusive premiere of So Much Bottled Water, So Close to Home off the new EP. Turn it up and listen through the player below and make sure to follow the links for more Organised Scum goodness...


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