Terra Tenebrosa: Where Shadows Have Teeth

Formed in 2009 from the ashes of post-hardcore legends, Breach, Sweden's Terra Tenebrosa have just release their third full length LP, The Reverses, on Debemur Morti Productions.

After a couple of excellent albums, 2011's The Tunnels and 2013's The Purging, Terra Tenebrosa lead by the always masked enigmatic figure, The Cuckoo, have returned with another tough to digest, puzzling record which like its predecessors it is heavy, nightmarish, utterly surrealistic and of course up to par with everything this ambiguous act has put out so far.

On this one Terra Tenebrosa is essentially an one-man band, with The Cuckoo as the sole member, yet he's had some help from special appearances by members of This Gift Is A Curse, The Moth Gatherer, Antaeus and Blut Aus Nord.

Get your upsetting post-hardcore fix right below...

Special edition Vinyl


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