Street Sects: And I Grew Into Ribbons / Featherweight Hate

Street Sects is an experimental/industrial punk duo from Austin, TX. In 2014 they released three great looking (illustrated by A.J. Garcés Böhmer), harsh sounding (mastered by James Plotkin - Khanate, OLD, etc.) singles on Bandcamp, on one of which they sampled their now labelmates on The Flenser, Wreck And Reference.

Street Sects' debut album is coming via The Flenser on September 16th and from the couple of examples that have surfaced so far, it sounds like we're in for an impressive breakthrough.

Leo Ashline and Shaun Ringsmuth are doing it right, merging harsh electronica and industrial frenzy with punk rock grit and some lyrical pessimism that will have you gasping for air.

Listen to the two available tracks off the album right below...

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