Electric Dragon: Covenant

Serving as yet another proof that synthwave and metal go together like peas and carrots, Electric Dragon's new album, Covenant, was just released, the latest synth monster by ex-Vallenfyre guitarist Ian Mullinger.

Covenant is in a couple of ways associated with a few more of 2016's synthwave winners; Volkor X, who has done the mastering and provides a remix of the killer track, Dark City; Gost, who remixes the equally impressive Witching Hour; and Emeric Levardon AKA Hollywood Burns, who is responsible for the record's moody and great looking artwork that perfectly matches the dark, medieval atmosphere that the album encompasses.

Expect heavy synths, hard beats and ripping guitar riffs arranged in different layers that merge majestically with each other to create a giant brute of an album, guaranteed to satisfy the aficionados of the synth, as well as those open minded metalheads, of which the synthwave appreciators seem to grow in numbers rapidly as the genre evolves with stronger releases, albums just like Covenant.

Electric Dragon didn't do so bad on their debut album, Paranormalizer, a few months back, on the contrary that album is worth checking out too, but Covenant is better thought, better carried out, it's epic and overall the better album.

Electric Dragon have a neon bright future in the synthwave business. Start paying attention right below...

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