Yndi Halda: Under Summer

Yndi Halda, pronounced YIN-dee hal-DAR and translated to "enjoy eternal bliss" from Old Norse, released their debut album, Enjoy Eternal Bliss, eleven years ago. The album is now for all the right reasons considered a post rock classic, but despite the fact that the band remained active for live shows, they hadn't released anything new on record until earlier this year.

Under Summer is a satisfying successor to Yndi Halda's previous masterpiece. It's comprised of four tracks, the shorter of which is ten minutes long. Apart from the surprising addition of sparse vocals, there's not much change in how Yndi Halda approach their song-crafting and the results are captivating and gratifying for those who waited for a decade for this band to come band.

Let's hope it won't take them that long until their next one, but if the price to pay for getting records like both of Yndi Halda's is time, it's worth the wait.

Double Vinyl, CD, etc.

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