Repeated Viewing: Street Force

Earnestly described as "if Badalamenti and Goblin had made sweet regretful love one night and created a baby so dark and brooding", Repeated Viewing's score for a "not totally sure if it’s real or not" film is supposed to be treated more like a re-release than new music and it's an absolute delight for fans of eighties' Italian action films and their respective music, bringing to mind the imagery of Lucio Fulci and John Carpenter and the sounds of John Carpenter (again), Goblin and Fabio Frizzi. If you were ever moved by the aforementioned, their aesthetics and giallos as a genre in general, Repeated Viewing's Street Force is not something you should miss.

Street Force has already been released on glorious cassette, the second run of which is now out via Spun Out of Control. On July 14th the album will be out on vinyl as well through Giallo Disco.

Feel free to drool over the following images and make sure to play this loud and support the artist...

Cassette / Vinyl pre-orders

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