S U R V I V E: A.H.B.

Texan experimental synth masters, S U R V I V E, with whom we've spent plenty of fascinating time through their debut LP in 2012 as well as their brilliant contribution to The Guest two years later, are about to release their sophomore album, RR7349 on Relapse Records.

The first round of applause goes to the label, which recently tends to expand its boundaries by adding to its roster non-metal (still heavy as hell) acts like Nothing, Publicist UK and Pinkish Black. With the addition of S U R V I V E to that list of artists, this expansion now becomes much more intriguing. In other words it's great to see one of the most promising electronic bands, that uses synths to express its heaviness, on one of the most notorious metal labels out there.

If you think you haven't listened to S U R V I V E before, still those of you who watched one of the best throwbacks to the eighties ever and one of the greatest things to come up on TV in 2016, had a taste of the band's talents. S U R V I V E's Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are responsible for the brilliant score for Netflix's Stranger Things, that nods to the music of John Carpenter, Goblin, Tangerine Dream and so much more.

RR7349 is scheduled to be out on September 30th and the first sample off it, the moody instrumental A.H.B., you can listen to right below.


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