Oathbreaker: Needles In Your Skin

If you are going through your day without a care in the world, without having felt crushed to the ground like a bug at least once today, Oathbreaker's new song, Needles In Your Skin, can surely change your situation.

Needles In Your Skin comes off Rheia, the new full length by Belgium's heaviest, produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven), which will be released September 30th on Deathwish Inc. Right off the bat with its first sample the album shows the potential of being possibly the band's finest yet and among the best records of the year.

Catch them starting late September and throughout October on a US tour with Iron Reagan, Skeletonwitch, Gatecreeper, All Hell and Homewrecker.

Pre-order on electric blue double vinyl

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