S T F U: What We Want

You remember Curve from the 90s, back when shoegaze was a thing that you could stumble upon on popular TV or listen to on the FM radio in your parents' living room. Curve popped up a few years late in the movement, but that didn't stop them from creating one of the genre's finest albums, 1992's Doppelgänger, the record that you most likely remember the band from.

Extract one Dean Garcia (Curve's - and later SPC ECO's - mastermind), add one Preston Maddox (from Texan post punk greats, Bloody Knives - whom D//E has mentioned before regarding their split with Screen Vinyl Image) and there you have S T F U.

S T F U sounds like a hell of a lot of 90s, especially awakening memories of the trip-hop Bristol scene and 90s electronica, like Massive Attack, Tricky, Red Snapper, UNKLE and all those names that pushed electronic music forward back in the day. What We Want is their dark and moody debut album that will make you check twice its release date (it's going to be 2016 every time and never 1996) and have you feeling nostalgic about that era for its hour-long duration.

Dim the lights and listen loud...

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